Workshop Clearance Round Table Tops


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Delivery Time 8 - 12 Weeks

Round slabwood table tops, supplier clearance.  Use as a coffee table, bar table or a piece of decor on the wall.
Various diameters: there are 8 different ones in the list to choose from: one price for all slightly different sizes. 

You can also order by sending us an email with name of this item, the size required and the finishing of your choice. We will confirm the order at which time a regular banktransfer can be made.

Product Information

Solid and durable slabwood table tops for a workshop factory clearance rate with 50% off our regular price. Choose optionally for additional legs: wooden pyramid base or 2 sizes steel hairpin legs.

Size or Dimensions

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Various diameters.
Choose from:
108/109 cm
108/116 cm
97/95 cm
90/102 cm
98/94 cm
97/100 cm
90/100 cm
100/104 cm

Product Details

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Slabwood table round, use as coffee table, bar table or a piece of decoration on a wall. Slabwood Table Top (Suar wood). Solid and durable. Table tops come unfinished meaning they are sanded, but kept natural. If you wish to give them a color, you can sponge them with wood stain, teak oil, olive oil or coconut oil. 
Optional choices: slabwood table legs: wooden pyramid base or steel hairpin legs 30 cm or 67 cm.

Special Instructions

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No further finishing required, but if you like them to have a color, you can stain them (with a sponge) with wood stain, teak oil, olive oil or coconut oil.
If you choose to order the legs, these come with screws and are easily attached to the table (which has pre drilled holes for the screws).