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Mahogany Tulip (Glass) Cabinet. Reflecting the Golden Age Era of the 17th Century Dutch seafarers and the richnesses they brought to the Republic of the 7 United Netherlands. Affluent merchants built cities like Amsterdam and Antwerp, and in its many canal estates you would find a cabinet like this. Used for dinner ware, and especially Delfts Blue. Nowadays this is still a stately cabinet making its presence without any doubt.

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Product Information

This Mahogany Tulip Cabinet features 2 glass doors and 4 drawers. The sides of the cabinet are also glass framed as is the middle shelf inside the cabinet. This cabinet usually was used to show off dinner ware, but of course you can choose to use it for anything else!
Give it a finishing of your choice once you have received it. Some tips in the section 'Special Instructions'.

Size or Dimensions

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110 cm wide
45 cm deep
220 cm from the top of the tulip to the floor

Product Details

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This mahagony cabinet comes complete with glass frames and doors, as well as with the glass middle shelf. It also features 4 drawers. It is offered 'raw', meaning it is treated and sanded, without any further finishing. Finishing is what you need to do yourself and more details below in 'special instructions'.

Special Instructions

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This cabinet is made as one construction. Except from placing the glass shelf in the middle, there is no assembly required. As this cabinet is offered 'raw', meaning it is treated and sanded, any color you'd like to give it is a DIY job: on mahogany you can use any kind of paint, brush or spray. You can also sponge it with a wood stain, depending on the looks you like to give it. Alternatively some people like to use special wood wax,, which again can give a very special effect.