Root Console Reclaimed Teak Coffee Table Sierra Club


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A beautiful use of the teak tree, with its enormous root system and the characteristics of teak visible in the most natural way possible. This large console piece utilizes the trunk of the teak tree to show off the intricacies of the root system as a true work of art inspired, and constructed by nature. Cleaned and sanded lightly, to give it a certain refinement on the edges, but otherwise this piece of furniture is displayed as nature created it in all its glory. Made from pure, natural teak wood.

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Product Information

Sourced from sustainable and government controlled plantations: Indonesia Legal Wood certified. Every console is unique and no two consoles are exactly the same. However we aim to bring together those consoles that are similar to each other. Your console therefore will not be exactly the same in every detail as the sample console in this image.

Product Details

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Natural teak root console, for use as a hall table, side table or coffee table. We don't provide a glass top, but some clients choose to have that made where they live. The color is the natural color and doesn't need any maintenance.

Size or Dimensions

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150 x 44 x H69 cm

Special Instructions

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There are no special instructions. Except that the console is understandably heavy.