Reclaimed Boat Teak Art Dining Table Sierra de Costa


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Tastefully designed reclaimed boat wood 'teak art' dining table with steel framed legs. Available in size 180 cm  x 100 cm. 

There are thousands of islands in Indonesia and even more fishing boats, most of them traditional fishing boats made of wood. After a useful life on the high seas wooden boats need to be replaced. Old boat wood is collected and recycled into something else: carefully all the usable parts are selected and with a lot of craftsmanship beautiful furniture comes to life. 

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Product Information

Original and authentic recycled and reclaimed boat teak, with steel framed legs, black powder coated. Maintenance free table. One size 180 cm x 100 cm.

Size or Dimensions

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180 cm x 100 cm

Product Details

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Authentic recycled and reclaimed boat teak from tradition fishing boats in Indonesia. Please note that due to the source material every piece will have slight variations from the sample picture boat benc and are all uniquely different and yet similar.

Special Instructions

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No special instructions. This table comes in one piece and is one construction. Steel frame legs can be removed if door openings are in the way.