Slabwood Bathroom Set Saint Roman with terrazzo vanities


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Complete Suar Live Edge Slabwood bathroom set includes all see you in the picture: slabwood mirror, slabwood counter, terrazzo vanities and teak cabinetry.
Custom sizes made to order available, please email details.

You can also order by sending us an email with name of this item, the size required and the finishing of your choice. We will confirm the order at which time a regular banktransfer can be made.

Product Information

Uniquely designed slabwood bathroom set with matching mirror and matching terrazzo vanities on supporting teak cabinetry. The cabinet is mostly to access the drainage pipes but also has some limited storage space. The counter is finished with a water resistant product. Faucets and drainage pipes are not included and we suggest you purchase the accessories of your choice at your destination.

Size or Dimensions

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Counter 180 x 70 cm. Mirror 180 x 100 cm. 

Product Details

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This complete bathroom set includes finished and water resistant slabwood counter and matching mirror. The counter is set on a heavy duty teak frame and cabinetry with doors to access and hide drainage pipes. Some shelves have been fitted for minimal storage. The counter itself is prepared to install faucets of your choice with holes behind the vanities.The vanities itself are handmade terrazzo in in a color that matches the counter.

Special Instructions

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This set is packed and shipped in 5 packages: the mirror, 2 crated terrazzo vanities, the counter and the supporting cabinetry. Assembly is simply putting the counter on the teak cabinetry, as it is heavy there is no need to fix it.