Set of Slabwood Sidetables Carrara


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Set of 2 Suar Slabwood multifunctional accessories: use it as a side table or use it as a stool or just use it as a decorative piece of furniture in your house. Sanded and finished as in the picture.

You can also order by sending us an email with name of this item, the size required and the finishing of your choice. We will confirm the order at which time a regular banktransfer can be made.

Product Information

A set of 2 solid Suar Live Edge Slabwood sidetables, stools or just as a decorative item. One of the two is always slightly bigger (not higher) than the other one, so when placed together the 2 of them complement each other. 

Size or Dimensions

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Diameter variable between 45 and 50 cm, one of the two is always slighty bigger than the other one. H40 cm.

Product Details

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Set of 2 Suar Live Edge Slabwood accessories to be used as a side table, stool or decorative item. Solid and finished as shown. 

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