205 cm tall Terra Cotta Warriors reproductions of Xian Terra Cotta Army


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If you have ever been to Western China, in the city of Xian, just a few decades ago a farmer discovered 10's of thousands of clay warriors just like these, buried underneath the ground, a complete army to honor one of China's great emperors when he passed away. These warriors are called the Terra Cotta Army and our reproductions are exactly what the originals look like. A great presence at an entrance left and right from a door or gate. Or anywhere in your house, office, hotel or restaurant. The warrior that you get, also holds a wooden spear as you can see the hole in his hand to hold it.

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Product Information

205 cm standing Terra Cotta Warrior, for use indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions. Finished in a black gold wash. 

Size or Dimensions

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Overal standing height 205 cm.

Product Details

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Made from fiber clay also known as fiber cement, a strong mixture of clay/cement and fiber. To the touch it feels like solid stone, but the sculptures are not that heavy as solid stone. It can stand outside in all weather conditions. With extreme frost it is advised to shelter the sculpture. 
The Terra Cotta Warrior also holds a wooden spear in his hand. 

Special Instructions

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No special instructions apart from taking care when removing the crate as not to damage the sculpture.